Our processes

Our processing capabilities include fire roasting, reduced moisture, IQF, puree, refrigeration and storage.


Individual Quick Freezing, usually abbreviated IQF, is a descriptive term for freezing methods used in food processing industry: the food is in individual pieces and is frozen quickly.

IQF Fire Roasting

We have raw and cooked roasting, with light, medium and dark levels. You can also choose steam cooking with the use of a blancher.

IQF Reduced Moisture

A semi-dehydrated product is generated when entering it to an oven to reduce humidity and only the fiber remains.


The vegetables and fruits are prepared to go through a blast tunnel where they are frozen by ultra-cooled air.

Frozen Puree

The vegetable or fruit is cooked with a blancher, and then crushed and made into a puree.

Freeze Dry

Air Dry

Air drying is done to preserve vegetables and fruits for a longer period.